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Junior Season Lease Program

Email or call 802.253.2753 to apply

Full Suspension

  • 24” Rocky Mountain Reaper Season Lease Price: $885

  • 26” Rocky Mountain Reaper Season Lease Price: $885

Lease program runs from April 15 to Indigenous People’s / Columbus Day

Season lease price includes: 

  • Rental / demo pedals 

  • Complementary shift adjustments throughout the season

  • Complementary suspension adjustments: as your kiddo grows we’ll adjust the suspension to compensate for their changing rider weight

  • Brake adjustments and other on-the-spot adjustments

  • Ability to upgrade to a 26” wheel from a 24” wheel during the season (subject to availability)

  • Light cleaning and drivetrain maintenance

  • Complementary chain clean and lube

Not included:  

  • Damage caused by crashing, neglect, or mis-use of the bicycle

  • Tire replacement due to puncture or tear, or general wear

  • Tube replacement

  • Brake pads

  • Bike theft


  • Bike must be brought to Ranch Camp once / month during lease period for safety inspection (i.e. to monitor brake wear, shifting capabilities, suspension sag, etc.)

  • Lessee is responsible for ensuring the chain is wiped clean and lubed between inspections at Ranch Camp.

  • Refundable security deposit of $500 to cover any damage or breakage