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Backcountry Demos

Splitboard Demos, Backcountry Ski Demos, Snowshoe & Altai Ski Rentals

We all know Ranch Camp is Stowe’s mountain bike base lodge, but now Ranch Camp is your HQ for Backcountry Goods too! We’ve got the fatbike and backcountry touring gear you need to get after it this winter. Whether you choose to ride a fatbike or adventure on skis, splitboard, Altai skis (just ask us how fun they are!), or snowshoes, we’ve got everything you need to have an epic day playing in the snow! Give us a call and our expert staff will help you decide what gear is right for your adventure.

  • Splitboards: Demo setups available from Weston, Niche, and Cabin Mountain Tools with Karakoram bindings and G3 skins and Poles to complete the package. Splitboarding is “BYOB” – Bring Your Own Boots.
  • Skis: We offer a variety of full alpine touring (“AT”) skis from J Skis. Ski rental is “BYOB” – Bring Your Own Boots – and we have Frame bindings to accommodate DIN soles.
  • Snowshoes: A great option to get out of the house and into the snow! Tubbs Flex snowshoes are super easy to use and provide an option for those who want a more relaxed experience.
  • Altai Skis: The perfect ski/snowshoe hybrid, Altai skis are a ton of fun and can go just about anywhere you want to take them! Short, wide skis with integrated climbing skins underfoot allow for easy climbing and low-speed descending – think snowshoes that slide.

Backcountry gear is available for full day rentals only, and we recommend picking up your splitboard/skis from the shop the evening before your reservation, however they can be picked up same day as well. We strongly recommend making a reservation to ensure you get the gear you want, as we have a limited amount of equipment available. Please note you’ll need to provide your own helmet, goggles, and boots.

To book online, simply choose the dates below, select your equipment, and which size you’d like. If you’re unsure of sizing, please have a look at the size charts provided for each item. When you arrive to pick up your gear, plan to spend 10-30 minutes with us setting things up and going through the liability release waiver.

Questions? Give us a call, we’re here to help.

Ranch Camp’s Guide to a Successful Backcountry Demo Reservation

BYOB – BRING YOUR OWN BOOT. We Cannot set up your gear without your personal boot that you will be using with our Demo. Please bring 1 boot with you upon pickup.
Backcountry Demos are NOT RECOMMENDED for Beginner Skiers / Riders

For Beginner Backcountry Enthusiasts we recommend The Altai Skis

  • Choosing Your Backcountry Ski – Size guides are posted under the info tab next to the item summary. All Frame bindings will work with your regular resort / alpine boots.
  • Choosing Your Splitboard – Size guides are posted under the info tab next to the item summary, use your height and weight to find a common middle ground for size. Splitboards can be used with your regular everyday snowboard boots.
  • Splitboards and Splitboard Bindings CANNOT be rented separately with online reservations. If applicable single item rentals MUST be installed by a Ranch Camp Employee. If you would like to rent only a splitboard, or only a pair of splitboard bindings - please call the shop; these types of reservations cannot be made online.
  • Choosing Your Poles – Ski touring poles are the VIA poles and Splitboard Poles are the Pivot poles. 
  • Touring with a Backpack is HIGHLY recommended – all our backpacks come with emergency safety kit and a small multi-tool. You can add the backpack in the same window as your Ski/Board, or provide your own.
  • Skis? Via Poles? Pack? Let’s Ride!
  • Splitboard? Splitboard Bindings? Pivot Poles? Pack? Let’s Ride!

Contact us to schedule your bike rental today.

Did You Fall in Love?

If you rent or demo a splitboard and decide that you just can’t live without it, we’ll gladly put one full day's rental fee towards the purchase of a new splitboard. Call ahead to reserve multiple splitboards and tee them up in succession to try one after another, all for the cost of one day's rental.  Win / win!