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Marker Marker Tour F12 EPS Bindings
$330.00 $479.95 31% Off
Created with Markers EPF (Extended Power Frame) technology for better power transfer, the F12 Tour EPF binding is for touring skiers and delivers heel loose climbing capabilities (settings: 0° ,7°, 13°) along with exceptional downhill properties. These bindings has the ID sole technology that enables the use of ski boots with GripWalk outer soles as the AFD Plate (Anti Friction Devise) is height adjustable. Recommended skier weight: < 120 kg Ski waist width recommended 80 - 110mm
J Skis The Slacker Ski (DEMO)
$748.80 - $766.80 $1,248.00 - $1,278.00 40% Off
Each pair comes with Marker F12 or Tyrolia Adrenaline 12 Touring Bindings and Precut G3 Skins! These skis are straight out of our Demo Fleet , they've seen one season of light shredding. “The Slacker” is an all-terrain freestyle ski designed with uphill efficiency, while maintaining the solid, intuitive downhill performance J skis are known for. Built with the backcountry in mind, its weight-conscious aspen core construction coupled with maple running over the edges gives it a light yet one-of-a-kind solid feel. There's a subtle tail notch in the tail for reliable skin tail clip retention making touring easy without looking like a skimo nerd. Unlike others, the Slacker is at home ripping around the resort as it is out of bounds, leaving traditional uphill specific skis behind. Smash, surf, play and have more fun adventuring off the beaten path. Go earn ‘em!
J Skis The Vacation (DEMO)
$718.80 $1,198.00 40% Off
Each pair comes with Marker F12 Bindings and Precut G3 Skins! These skis are straight out of our Demo Fleet , they've seen one season of light shredding. "The Vacation” is the ultimate getaway from traditional boring skis! It features a truly one-of-a-kind, soft flex pattern that’s equally distributed throughout the length of the ski. This enables it to match transitions and excel at a larger variety of freestyle terrain so you can throw down with more style and control, without getting bucked. Its 104mm waist is super versatile, it floats easily in powder, yet is quick enough to also shred all over the mountain, including the park. The added surface area under foot makes for stable landings and provides even more balance and control when buttering and sliding rails. I designed the tips with a very smooth rocker and a unique early tapper geometry for a catch-free, effortless, surfy feel. You can pivot on a dime, and never have to worry again about catching your tips when popping from forward to backwards, buttering, or throwing tricks… even in fresh snow. If your idea of fun is to slash, press, air, butter, nollie & jib from untracked pow to the park and everywhere in between, it’s time for a Vacation!
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