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Backyard Sombrio x Backyard Bear Men's 3/4 Sleeve Jersey
The Backyard Bear 3/4 Sleeve Jersey has risen from hibernation and is back by popular demand! We linked up with our friends from Sombrio to create this truly epic piece. This 3/4 sleeve jersey is made from 100% Cool Wik Polyester for unrivaled breathability. Wether it's a party ride or a push to crush your KOM the Backyard Bear has got you covered! For all you hungry hippos out there this jersey comes with an added snack pocket to keep you fueled up and ready to rip. Features: -Standard Fit -3/4 sleeve raglan design -Moisture wicking finish -Drop back hem -1 ECO pocket at site panel -Cool Wik (100% Polyester) PS: The snack pocket also fits a single 16oz can, but you didn't read that here ;)
MTBVT Fern Loyal to Our Soil Buff
Keep yo' neck warm with this sweet neck gaitor!
MTBVT Irie Socks
MTBVT x Sock Guys premium Turbo Wool socks make your feet fly! Pull the red, gold and green and let 'em know what roots rock reggae represents. S/M = Womens shoe size 6-10, Mens shoe size 5-9 L/XL = Womens shoe size 10-14, Mens shoe size 9-13
MTBVT Loyal Socks (Blue)
G'd up from the feet up! Let that MTBVT freak flag fly proud on your ankle region. MTBVT x Sock Guy premium Turbo Wool makes your feet fly! S/M = Womens shoe size 6-10, Mens shoe size 5-9 L/XL = Womens shoe size 10-14, Mens shoe size 9-13
MTBVT Loyal Socks (Green)
MTBVT x Sock Guy premium Turbo Wool. S/M = Womens shoe size 6-10, Mens shoe size 5-9 L/XL = Womens shoe size 10-14, Mens shoe size 9-13
MTBVT Retro Socks
How 'bout a little 80's styling for friends at the end of your legs? 8 bit mountain scape... on a sock... by MTBVT? Yes please. MTBVT x Sock Guy premium Turbo Wool. S/M = Womens shoe size 6-10, Mens shoe size 5-9 L/XL = Womens shoe size 10-14, Mens shoe size 9-13
MTBVT Loyal To Our Soil Socks
Fatbike / Ski socks for your lil piggies. 12" tall. Perfect for inside boots or kicked up by the fire... SockGuy's SGX™ socks are designed with the elite athlete in mind and features our exclusive Elite Performance Formula, a blend of PolyPro, nylon and spandex. The new SGX™ sock line provides a compression fit, performance ribbing and amazing ventilation. These socks feel great, look great, and with SockGuy's signature Stretch-to-Fit sizing and reinforced toe & heel, SGX™ socks perform like no other.
MTBVT MTBVT X Tasco 7th Socks
Treat your feet right, let them breathe! No matter the activity our highly breathable 7th socks will keep your feet calm cool and collected. Recommended uses for 7th Socks - Mountain Biking - Hiking - Chilling - Standing in line at the bar - Can also be worn as thumbless mittens Socks developed and produce by our good friends at Tasco! Wash when smelly (:
MTBVT MTBVT Lady Cow Rider Tee
Mooove over guys this cow is for the ladies!
MTBVT MTBVT Cowrider Meadow Hat
Saddle up and lets ride through a Vermont field on a galloping cow (:
MTBVT Ricky Bobby Trucker Hat
Whoever said "fresh can't be fast" obviously never popped our Ricky Bobby Trucker Hat on their head. Stay stylin' the Ricky Bobby is equally comfortable on the podium and at apres! Features: Breathable Mesh Backing
MTBVT Cowrider 6 Panel Hat
Mooove over, the Cowrider 6 Panel is back and ready to shred it all from formal functions to rowdy parking lot apres sessions!
MTBVT Cow Rider Tee
Hop on partner, we're going for a ride! The classic MTBVT cow rider tee is back in couple new colors for your wearing pleasure. 100% cotton.
MTBVT Flagship Tee
We know you came here looking for the greatest, freshest, newest, most-comfortable T-shirt ever, and we're happy to have one for you. Thanks for the support!
Have you seen the famous Cady Tree? If not look harder you'll find it! Limited Edition Printed in Vermont
MTBVT MTBVT x Dean Liebau Seek and Enjoy Tee
Seek and you shall enjoy! Limited Edition with Vermont Artist and Bike Packing Extraordinaire Dean Liebau Printed in Vermont
MTBVT MTBVT Raised Script Hat
Classic MTBVT Script Logo now raised off the hat for extra visibility!
MTBVT MTBVT Loyal to our Soil Corduroy Hat
It's our soil and you know we're damn well loyal!
MTBVT Park Patch Corduroy Snapback
If you're tried and true then the Park Patch is for you!
MTBVT Camo Trucker Hat
Back my popular demand! This item has been in the MTBVT catalog since the glory days.
MTBVT Cow Rider Longsleeve
Your arm's called they're freezing, our legendary Cow Rider is here with long sleeves to warm them up!
MTBVT Cow Rider Pom Pom
Mooove over the locally famous Cow Rider Pom Pom is back and ready to keep your head warm until the dirt shows! Full Wrap Text Reads: "Mountain Bike Vermont"
MTBVT Loyal Pom Pom
No matter the season we're loyal to our soil...even when its' -10 and covered in a foot a of snow! Full Wrap Text Reads: "Mountain Bike Vermont"
MTBVT Youth MTBVT Flagship Hoodie
Nice lil' MTBVT brand hoodie for the wee ones... a staple for school, camp, or the trail. All hoodies now feature color matched and embroidered Cow Rider silhouette on the right sleeve cuff for added style points!
MTBVT MTBVT Flagship Hoodie
This is the grown man's version of a binky. You know, that little safety blanket you carried around until you were 12. Once you have one of these there's no putting it down.
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